Hello, I will inform you about a tricky way that fraudsters use to steal money from those eager job seekers.

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The case that I’m going to explain was about to happen to me in the past. I noticed what’s going on and didn’t fall for it but I got noted that some people had lost money so it is a good story idea to inform others.

If after applying for a job on one of those famous recruitment platforms, you get notified by the platform that the job posting is removed due to not meeting their standards then this is…

Hello, we will explore what are NFTs and their impact on global business.

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The way we value things is changing due to technology. The following image is from Nyan Cat which was a viral meme back in 2011. In 2021 the original GIF was sold at an online auction for 300 ETH, the cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum network. That was equivalent to nearly $600000 at the time. You might be wondering how could the original copy be sold when it was circulating the internet.

Hello, In this story I will give you must know important tips to help you with your online interview.

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Some people might not be comfortable with online interviews and the technologies used for this purpose.

Know what is in the view

It’s better for the background to be authentic so that it shows who you are. For example you can go to a corner of your home. There also might be somethings around you that you don’t want to be in the view. Keep your background plain and neutral. Keep distractions like TV, people walking around and moving objects away from your background. Make sure the…

Hello, In this part I will explain in-place rotation of a 2D matrix, without using another matrix for storing, so that we just change the original matrix.

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I will explain the case when the degree of rotation is 90 degrees as a ground case and then talk about other cases like -90, 180, 270.

Hello, I will explain 5 interpretations of matrix multiplication which are necessary to know for machine learning and data science.

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A reminder about matrix notation:


Hello, I will explain two algorithms to find the kth even and the kth odd numbers in the Fibonacci series.

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If you haven’t heard of it, Fibonacci series is this:

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Explaining what is lambda function in python and how to use it professionally.

A lambda function is an anonymous function to use only once. The form is:

lambda arguments : expression

It can take any number(even 0) of arguments, but must have one expression . do NOT put parenthesis around arguments, just separate them with comma.

I have divided the story into 18 parts.

  1. Defining and calling together


Hello, we are gonna solve a puzzle regarding palindrome numbers.

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A palindrome number is read the same backwards like 121 or 1221.

Let’s see how to write an algorithm that returns true if a positive integer is palindrome and false otherwise. I’m using python language. there are different ways of doing so but we want to come up with an algorithm with linear time complexity which means the running time of it should increase linearly versus the number of digits of the input. I’m using python language. we should check if the number is equal to it’s reverse.

Method 1: without conversion to string

The while loop creates the reverse of input and the best thing…


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Hello, We are going to explore various ways of reversing objects (string, list, …) in python.

Reversing a list with reverse() method

This method does not take any arguments and return anything. It just reverses the original list.

full stack and deep learning in AWS

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In this Project I trained an algorithm to classify facial expressions. The algorithm used is AWS SageMaker image classification algorithm which is a supervised learning algorithm. It takes an image as input and outputs one or more labels assigned to that image. It uses a convolutional neural network (with ResNet architecture) that can be trained from scratch or trained using transfer learning. After the model is created from training, I made it externally available by creating a REST API.

This project was done for learning and practice after finishing a 4-week 8-session course, “deep learning & full stack in AWS”…

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