Creativity brings disruption. Disruption brings opportunity.

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1. Fall forward

I heard from Denzel Washington that if you fall forward instead of backward, you can see what you are gonna hit. Fall forward towards success.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. (Thomas Edison)

2. know the Game

  • Identify the entry points of your market and develop a strategy.
  • Identify your global and local competitors accordingly
  • Get information about your competitors as much as possible. Learn the story behind their success and failures. Learn what they have and not have tried. …

Ethereum wallets are different than Bitcoin wallets and have more functionalities.

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I’m gonna talk about transaction fees and Gas. You’ll understand in a few minutes. While Bitcoin can be divided into 100,000,000 units with the smallest unit called a Satoshi, Ether can be divided into one quintillion units, 1 with 18 zeroes after it, and the smallest one called Wei.

The link to the previous part is at the end.

Wei is named after Wei Dai, a cryptography activist who is known for supporting the widespread use of strong cryptography and privacy-oriented technologies. Fees for transactions are usually calculated in…

Do you have a practical understanding of the sharing economy?

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In 2011, sharing economy was dubbed by Time Magazine as one of the “Ten Ideas That Change The World”.

Tip 1: Four categories

Rebecca Parren and Robert V. Kozinets published an article in 2018 in the Journal of Marketing. These authors seek to provide a better understanding of the sharing economy by categorizing firms that operate in this new economy.

They investigated nearly two hundred different sharing platforms, including Airbnb, Uber, and TaskRabbit, as well as many others. This investigation included interviewing individuals that participate in these various platforms, reading news articles and press…

Ethereum wallets are different than Bitcoin wallets and have more functionalities.,ENZC,--%20Very%20nice%20development

Let’s talk about those software or hardware pieces that allow us to interact with the Ethereum network.

At its core, an Ethereum wallet holds your private key — the “secret password” that gives you control over your coins. It also supplies you with a public Ethereum address which people can use to send you Ethereum’s currency known as Ether. This is almost as far as Bitcoin and Ethereum go in terms of similarities.

Many non-technical users think of Ether as a currency in the same way they view Bitcoin…

Let’s get a deeper look into the exciting topic of sharing economy that is about accessing not sharing and has shaken the world’s economics.

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Sharing means non-profitable social exchange like when you give a ride to your friend without charging him or her. On the other hand, sharing economy is actually about accessing a product or service provided by someone else for some specific time in exchange for money.

Good to know the other names given to sharing economy:

  • Desperate economy (out of humor and criticizing)
  • Collaborative consumption
  • Access-based economy
  • Access economy

One of the formal definitions of sharing economy…

Conscious leaders pay attention to both content and context, but what do they mean exactly and how does it work?

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A conversation is a vital part of leadership, and each conversation has both context and content. Content is what we are talking about. Context is how we are talking about it.

When you are talking about next year’s budget with your team, you are having a conversation. Here the content is revenue and expenses. Conscious leaders pay attention to context and how they are having the conversation. Regarding attention to the context, there are two groups of leaders:

  • To me
  • By (or from) me

Useful questions to consider:

  • Are You having the conversation from curiosity OR defensiveness?
  • Do you want…

How companies can accelerate product development without sacrificing creativity?

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“Innovation happens everywhere, but there is simply more elsewhere than here.”

The above quote is by two former Sun Microsystem executives. Companies can enhance their innovation activities by leveraging the knowledge, skills, and resources of external contributors. This is really the core idea behind a concept called “customer co-creation”.

Let’s explore how this idea should be applied and study some cases.

Communication and information dissemination have skyrocketed like never before due to the digital revolution.

Customer co-creation means that customers can help companies improve their new product development activities by contributing…

This is a beginner’s guide to the Ethereum blockchain and Ether which is its native cryptocurrency.

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First, we need to talk about Bitcoin before jumping to Ethereum. Bitcoin is a form of decentralized money. Before Bitcoin, exchanging money was possible through an intermediary like a bank, or PayPal and the money used was a currency issued and controlled by the government. With Decentralized money, individuals can trade directly without the need for an intermediary.

Each Bitcoin transaction is validated and confirmed by the entire Bitcoin network. …

These two concepts sometimes are confused. Let’s explore them.

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We calculate the correlation coefficient(r) for two variables to determine not only if the two variables move in the same direction but also how strong the relationship is. However, correlation does not imply causation. Two variables may indeed move in the same direction and the relationship may be quite strong but this doesn’t mean we can draw a cause-and-effect conclusion that changes in one variable cause changes in another. The correlation coefficient can tell us if two variables move in the same direction but it doesn’t tell us the reason.

Hello, I introduce the 4 foundations of marketing which all start with the letter p and are referred to as the marketing mix.

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Let’s start with the definition of marketing by AMA (American Marketing Association):

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating,
communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

The concept of the 4 Ps was introduced in 1960 by Professor Jerome McCarthy at Michigan State University.


A Product can be anything that fulfils customers’ needs. A product can be intangible like a service or idea.


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