Stocks to Watch on July 1

Photo by Chenyu Guan on Unsplash

Hello, add these stocks to your watchlist for Friday, July 1.

  • REVB (Revelation Biosciences Inc) — NASDAQ

$1 is a good choice for support.

  • YSG (Yatsen Holding Ltd — ADR) — NASDAQ
  • NRSN (Neurosense Therapeutics Ltd) — NASDAQ

$3.15 & $4.4 are good choices for support & resistance respectively.

  • EVFM (Evofem Biosciences Inc) — NASDAQ

$0.8 & $1.2 are good choices for support & resistance respectively.

  • CLVS (Clovis Oncology Inc) — NASDAQ

In the daily chart, we have this triangle pattern so I’m looking for the break for 2 which is almost the upper side of the triangle.

The Daily Chart of CLVS
  • TYDE (Cryptyde Inc) — NASDAQ
  • ARDX (Ardelyx Inc) — NASDAQ

Tip #1:

Whole dollar and half dollar levels are important. They can turn into support and resistance.

Tip #2:

I always check the daily chart and the 5-min chart over the last 5 days. I will pay attention especially to support, resistance, 20 MA, 50 MA, and 200 MA.

Tip #3:

If your supports were broken, don’t leave the chart, wait to see the price action around the whole dollar and half dollar levels. They may act as support and the price may go up after that. I have seen this before.

Tip #4:

Many traders wait until 9:45 am to trade. The reason behind this is not getting caught in the extreme volatility of the first 15 minutes of trading hours. This way you can better predict. But this strategy is not always needed and depends on various factors like the price action in the premarket.

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